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How it works

Everyone has their own nutritional needs depending on their gender, body structure, metabolism and so on.

Some people want to gain weight, while others want to lose weight. Therefore, depending on your goals, you can adjust the required amount.

Using this calculator, you can calculate how much you should consume.

Keep in mind that any diet will work, so listen to your body so you can further adjust the amounts!

In the "Goal" field, you can change your configuration to lose or gain weight.


  • For me, the amount per serving is too high.I

If your portion is too large (too much to eat), try increasing the number of servings per day by reducing the portion size, or split each meal into two different portions, ie eat several times.

  • How many times a day can I eat Satislent food?

There is no upper or lower limit for Smart Food dishes. Use when you are hungry. Some people can eat Satisilent food twice a day, others only for breakfast ... A small proportion of people consume this food every day and it has already become their way of life.