Tips for beginners

If you're using a blender, add water first, then Satislent powder.

You can leave the blended product in the fridge for a few minutes to get a better taste and texture.

If you're not sure about the portion size you have to start with, you can take advantage of our food calculator.

Over time, you will be able to prepare the desired portion according to your body's needs and taste.

For advanced users

Are you already familiar with this type of food and want to be an expert? Free!

Use a blender to add other ingredients.

Start with a banana, and the result will surprise you! It completely changes both the taste and the texture!

You can also make according to various recipes using Satislent instead of regular flour. Below are some examples of how to cook creatively.

Complete recipes

Lemon Smart Balls

A charge of energy, no other way - save them when you need to gain strength or overcome a difficult task. 

You won’t notice how they disappear from your fridge! :)

Tiramisu next level

Do you like to experiment and apply to a culinary show? 

Great, take a free afternoon and set out on a fantastic journey around the world of Tiramisu!

Complete pancakes

Switch from regular flour to Satislent, and you’ll see the changing tradition of baking pancakes. 

And with customs, life itself changes!

Banana full shake

Can you imagine a delicious cocktail that also provides you with healthy and balanced nutrients? 

Connect the mixer and see how easy it is!