Satislent mixes for food shakes are a delicious and fully balanced food prepared in a shaker.

This food contains energy, fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, saturated effective acids, vitamins and minerals.

The Satislent production process uses GMO-free products that are suitable for all diets, from vegans to vegetarians and omnivores.

< Satislent's refined flavors come in different colors and tones - "Lemon" , " Strawberry ," Latte "," Coconut "," Vanilla , Chocolatte , and Original - flavors. Everyone will find their favorite in this choice.

Maybe you exercise and your body needs more protein and iron? Try the Satislent Sport version!

Satislent mixes for food Cocktails are for the fast-paced person who values ​​ their time and doesn’t sacrifice their health .

To be productive, we need to feel full and energetic. Satislent mixes for food cocktails are prepared in a couple of minutes, so our customers have long forgotten the word "I'm hungry " :)

Satislent Whole Foods - Mixtures for Food Coctails is made from real food: oats, extra virgin olive oil, Flaxseed, corn flour, soy, pea protein, and much more ...

On the other hand, regular food substitutes are based on hypocaloric diets, they lack natural nutrients, so energy is rarely enough for the whole day.

You can buy our products online and pick them up at your convenience.

We ship the same or next business day after payment, so you have the opportunity to make your own favorite taste food cocktail in couple days after order fulfillment.

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