1.1. Seller or Personal Data Controller - VŠĮ Pilnas maistas, a public institution established and operating by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, with Seller code 304689880, data is collected and stored in the Register of Legal Entities (State Enterprise Center of Registers, Vilnius Branch) store administrator.

1.2. Buyer or Data Subject - an active adult, i.e., y. 18 (eighteen) and more years a natural person or minor active person with at least 16 (sixteen) years and the consent of parents or guardians (except in the case of emancipation), who uses the Seller's e-Store Services, the personal data of which is processed by the Seller by this Privacy Policy and the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts regulating the legal protection of personal data.

1.3. El. shop - Seller's e-shop at www.futurefood.lt.

1.4. Services - all services provided by the Seller.

1.5. Personal data - any information relating to a natural person - A data subject whose identity is known or can be identified, directly or indirectly, using data such as a personal code, one or more personal, physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social data signs.

1.6. "Processing of personal data" means any operation on personal data: collection, recording, storage, storage, classification, grouping, aggregation, modification (addition or correction), provision, publication, use, search, dissemination, deletion, or any other act or set of operations.

1.7. Partner - a legal entity that provides services to the Seller related to the Seller's activities, or sells goods to it, or carries out joint projects with the Company, including, but not limited to, marketing campaigns, joint sales campaigns, loyalty programs, etc., in the media, online pages, Email in-store, retail stores, retail chains, etc.

1.8. Cookie - a corresponding file with a unique identification number transmitted from the e-Store website to the e-store visitor's computer or mobile device so the e-Store administrator could separate the visitor's computer and see its activity on the e-store maintain proper e-store's functionality.

1.9. Direct marketing is the activity of offering goods and services to individuals and/or seeking their opinion on the goods or services offered by Email, telephone, or other means.

1.10. Privacy Policy - This means this document sets out the principles and rules for processing Personal Data using the e-store services.

1.11. Account - basic Buyer's login to Email. store data consisting of a single email address or username and Password.

1.12. Username is a unique username created by the Buyer to log in to the e-stores.

1.13. Password is a unique combination of numbers, letters, or numbers and letters or other symbols created by the Buyer, which can be entered to access the e-stores.


2.1. When buying, Email in the Store, or registering an account, the Buyer grants the Seller the right to perform all personal data processing activities to the extent and purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy.

2.2. Personal data is processed by the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts regulating the processing and protection of personal data, this Privacy Policy, the Seller's internal procedure for processing personal data.

2.3. The Seller's Personal Data is processed by the following principles:

2.3.1. Personal data is collected for defined and legitimate purposes;

2.3.2. Personal data is processed accurately, fairly, and lawfully;

2.3.3. Personal data is valid and only to the extent necessary for its collection and further processing;

2.3.4. Personal information is constantly updated;

2.3.5. Personal data shall be kept in a form that permits identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected and for which they are collected.

2.3.6. All information about Personal Data is confidential;

2.3.7. Buyer's Personal Data and Personal Information will not be used for illegal purposes.

2.4. It is considered that the Buyer, when purchasing e-Store, read and agree to the current version of the Privacy Policy. Suppose the Buyer does not agree with any part of the Privacy Policy or the Privacy Policy. In that case, the Buyer must not place an order and do not purchase the product Email. in the Store.

2.5. The Privacy Policy is available at the e-store to print at any time. The Privacy Policy is subject to change, supplement, or update at the Seller's discretion.

2.6. The Buyer can place an order by Email in the e-Store via your Account after registering in the e-Store.

2.7. Initial registration to Email during the Store through the Account, the Buyer must provide his email address, come up with a secure password, and provide accurate Personal Data by Email. for the Store. The Buyer is responsible for their correctness. Once the Account is created, the Buyer will be given an identification code.

2.8. By using the Services and purchasing in the e-store, The Buyer must always provide accurate Personal Data Email. store and is responsible for their accuracy.

2.9. The Buyer has the right to change and supplement the Personal Data in the Account or cancel the Account.

2.10. The Buyer must not disclose the Password to third parties and keep it; otherwise, the Buyer bears all responsibility in this regard.


3.1. Seller respects each Buyer's right to privacy. Buyer's Personal Data is collected and processed for the following purposes:

3.1.1. El. for commercial purposes. The following personal data is processed: name, surname, place of residence (address), history of purchases (types of purchased goods, amounts of money spent);

3.1.2. For direct marketing purposes. The following Personal Data is processed: a place of residence (address), name, surname, mobile phone number, and email address;

3.1.3. To administer electronic inquiries. The following Personal Data is processed: email address, name, surname, telephone number;

3.2. Both when registering Email in the store for the first time and when placing each order, the Buyer may consent to the processing of his Personal Data (place of residence (address), name, surname, mobile phone number, email address) for the purpose of Direct Marketing. If, having given consent to process his Personal Data for the purpose of Direct Marketing and receive Direct Marketing notifications (e-news with offers and articles, SMS messages), the Buyer will no longer do so and inform the Company accordingly. Will not send the Buyer any electronic news, except for the information related to the Buyer's order. The Buyer may also voluntarily subscribe to the newsletters of various Seller's brands. in the store.

3.3 The Buyer has the right to revoke his consent to the Seller to process the Buyer's Personal Data for the purpose of Direct Marketing at any time. It can be done by notifying the Seller by email team@futurefood.lt or by phone at 8 676 78874 and clearly indicating that he revokes his consent to use his Personal Data. Data for Direct Marketing and does not wish to receive any Direct Marketing messages (e-news with offers and articles, SMS messages). Direct marketing messages will be discontinued at the Buyer's clearly identified email address and/or mobile phone number.

3.4. Personal data shall be stored no longer than required for the purposes of the processing or provided for by law if they provide for a longer retention period. Personal data is generally stored for as long as the contractual relationship may give rise to reasonable claims or to the extent necessary to implement and protect the legitimate interests of the Seller. Unnecessary personal data is destroyed. When processing personal data, the Seller may assign you to a certain category to submit individual offers, tailor content to the consumer's interests, and inform you about goods and services. This is for the sole purpose of making the offer and will not have any legal consequences or other significant effects on you. The Seller shall take all possible measures to ensure that personal data are processed accurately, fairly, and lawfully. They are processed only for specified purposes, strictly complying with the clear and transparent requirements for personal processing data laid down by law.

3.5. The Buyer has the right to contact the Seller with a request:

3.5.1. provide information about the processed personal data of the Buyer;

3.5.2. to request the correction of the Buyer's personal data and/or to suspend the processing of such personal data, except for storage, in case the Buyer finds that the data is incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate;

3.5.3. apply for a request to destroy personal data or suspend the processing of such personal data, except for storage, in case the Buyer, after getting acquainted with his personal data, determines that personal data is processed illegally or dishonestly, excess personal data is processed or other basics;

3.5.4. not consent to the processing of the Buyer's personal data when such data is processed or is intended to be processed for the purposes of direct marketing, or due to a legitimate interest pursued by the Seller or a third party to whom the personal data is provided;

<3.5> 3.5.5. To receive your personal data provided to the Seller in a structured, commonly used, and computer-readable format and transfer this data to another data controller. Also, to require the Seller to transfer such personal data directly to another data controller when technically possible (right to data portability).

3.6. Buyer's Personal Data is not shared with third parties except in the following cases:

3.6.1. Once Buyer's consent has been obtained, as outlined in this Privacy Policy;

3.6.2. Personal information provided for trading purposes to Partners providing services to the Seller related to the activities performed by the Seller;

3.6.3. Partners belonging to the same group of companies located in a Member State of the European Union for IT solutions, financial / accounting;

3.6.4. To the competent authorities in the cases provided by the laws and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

3.7. The Buyer is aware of his right to object to the processing of his Personal Data for the purposes of Direct Marketing, i.e., The Buyer has the right to express disagreement immediately or later.

3.8. The Buyer agrees that his Personal Data will be transferred to the Partners when executing the Buyer's order submitted in the e-store and when the Seller provides the Services to the Buyer and the Seller's Partners.

3.9. If the Buyer disagrees with the Privacy Policy, the Buyer will not use the e-Store services. Buyer may express its disagreement with this Privacy Policy.

3.10. Seller shall implement organizational and technical measures to protect Personal Data from an accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, as well as from any other unlawful processing. The level of personal data protection measures applied by the Seller complies with the requirements of the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

3.11. The Buyer agrees that in cases where required by the instructions of the competent authorities and/or the Buyer's Personal Data may have been used for illegal activities, or there are reasonable suspicions of identity theft, which are subject to pre-trial investigation by the competent law enforcement authorities, or other legitimate grounds or purposes, his / her Personal Data will be stored on the Seller's servers for longer than specified in this Privacy Policy.

3.12. Upon receipt of the Data Subject's instruction or request related to the processing of Personal Data, the Seller shall provide the Buyer with a response, satisfying the request/instruction or reasonably refusing to do so, no later than within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the Data Subject's request. If the Data Subject so requests, the response must be provided in writing.

3.13. For El. In the store, the Seller could offer the Buyer full services. The information (Cookies) is stored on the Buyer's computer (device), used by the Buyer as the previous e-store user, identification, collecting e-store attendance statistics, shopping cart information. The Buyer may delete some or all of the Cookies stored at any time.


4.1. Seller reserves the right to change or supplement the Privacy Policy in whole or in part. Additions or changes to the Privacy Policy take effect from the date of their publication, i. y. from the date of their publication in the E-mail. in the store.